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Our highest priority is making a smile that will last you a lifetime while boosting your self confidence.

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We develop a personalized plan for each of our patients! 

Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and happiness..

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Dr. Lee is a prosthodontist specializing in dental prosthesis and dental implants.

Dr. Richard Lee

Dr. Chan is a general dentist providing family, cosmetic dental care.

Michael Chan, D.D.S.




Fillings In Newark CA

Dental fillings are mainly used to fill cavities caused by the decay of teeth. Cavities are one of the most common oral issues that people face. The main cause of ...

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Dental Sealants In Newark CA

Cavities are one of the most common oral issues that most people face. They are most often caused due to the accumulated plaque and tartar on the surface of the ...

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Dental Implants In Newark CA

Dental implants are the most sought-after tooth restorations used to replace an entire tooth. They are composed of a metal stud (mostly Titanium) and a ceramic crown that replaces the ...

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Dental Exams and Check-ups In Newark CA

Maintaining optimum oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of our overall health. Failing to do so can have a negative effect on other systems of our body ...

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Dental Crowns In Newark CA

Dental Crowns are ceramic appliances that are also referred to as ‘dental caps’. They are called so because they cover the entire surface of a tooth and provide an aesthetic ...

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Dental Bridges In Newark CA

A tooth extraction would be necessary during certain oral issues such as severe cavities, external trauma, impacted teeth, malocclusion, etc. Whatever the reason may be, a missing tooth should be ...

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Laser Periodontal Therapy In Newark CA

Periodontitis is one of the most serious gum diseases that can have a significant impact on one’s oral health and aesthetics. Thousands of Americans get diagnosed with some sort of ...

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Tooth Extractions In Newark CA

A tooth extraction is a dental procedure where a tooth is removed entirely from the socket of the jawbone. It is performed by a trained dentist who would make sure ...

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Non-Surgical Root Canal In Newark CA

A root canal infection is a commonly encountered oral issue that involves the inflammation of the pulp within a tooth. Every tooth houses a central cavity that contains blood vessels, ...

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Periodontal Therapy In Newark CA

Periodontitis is one of the most serious gum diseases that can have a significant impact on one’s oral health and aesthetics. Thousands of Americans get diagnosed with some sort of ...

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Dentures In Newark CA

Dental technology has come up with new and upgraded treatment methods to aid patients who have oral issues. One such prominent issue is the loss of teeth. Getting teeth extracted ...

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What our patients are saying...

"Been coming here for at least 5 years. Always receive warm, professional service from EVERYONE!! Plus the office/ bathroom is very clean and comfortable and everyone is always on time!!"

"All I can say is thank you Dr. Chan! I recently moved to Newark and needed a new dentist. My first visit for cleaning went great, better than my last dentist. The BIG thank you is for this past Memorial Day weekend. I broke my front tooth veneer off eating pizza, on my birthday! I was up in Sacra..."

"I want to say thank you to Dr. Michael Chan! I am usually a bit nervous when changing doctors..., but Dr. Michael Chan made the whole process so soothing and comforting. He checked in on me once in a while to see if I am still doing okay, and also you can tell he is very meticulous when he is pe..."

"Love Trish! Miss Marissa! But the new team is definitely a nice one!! My teeth are super clean! (I looked how much stain she had brushed off me). The whole team are very professional and nice in general. I have been going there for years and look forward for more years to come."

"I have been coming to this office for over 10+ year now. Before when it was Dr Mercado. Great welcoming staff and the hygienists over the years have been great. I've never had an issue with billing, and the service I get has been great. Have been taking care of the entire family. My kids have no ..."

"I really like Dr.'s advices. He prefers if we can not do the processor then don't do it. I received an email saying he is going to be doing the admin work only. That's sad! I will see how the other dentists he hires Area if they evaluate and give advice like Dr. does"

"I recently moved to the Bay Area from Southern California so I had to find new doctors and dentists for me and my family.  I am glad I found Balentine Dental Care.  Today was my 1st appointment with them and had a cleaning. Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee let me know what I need to do and even though I have..."

"Every visit has always been a positive one with the great staff they have! Marissa Aquino has been very helpful in my past check ups and she has provided tremendous feedback. I really admire her work ethic and knowledge on what she does. Keep up the great work Marissa!!"

"One of the best and comfortable dental visits in years. Very courteous and helpful staff and was extremely comfortable to work with. He explained things very clearly and accommodated me and was able to help quickly in resolving my tooth issues. Highly recommend this place for dental care."

"Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee is amazing!! I moved from SoCal to NorCal and had to look for a new dentist, I feel so lucky I found Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee. He was very thorough with my cleaning and is definitely very passionate about his job. Also, he discovered my previous ortho put excessive amount of glue..."

"Everyone here is super nice and the environment is comforting. Professional attitudes all around. The team speaks to each other precisely but when speaking with the patient, all is explained in layman's terms.Love this place!"

"As a child I never liked going to the dentist and even now as a adult I'm not very fond of anyone touching my teeth or drilling into it. Luckily, 4 years ago I found this place. My concerns are always heard and I am approached with a lot of care by the dental assistants and the dentist himself. T..."

"I have been the patient for over 4 years and my experience with their services so far is more than excellent.   Originally I just wanted to support my neighborhood business and it turned out this is my best dental experience.   I have referred 2 family friends and they feel the same.   Thank you ..."

"Friendly, courteous, professional and always takes care of me. They always ask if I am doing ok every step of the way. Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee checks out my teeth at every visit. Provides feedback and recommendations. Ask if I have questions. You just get a feeling of being cared for. They're and I ..."

"So this is my second time here and let me tell you I'm not going anywhere else! I haven't been to the dentist in 3+ years and was TERRIFIED to go and see what the outcome was. When walking in everyone was really welcoming and very sweet. Kevin and team makes sure you're ok and takes the time to e..."

"After many family members telling us wonderful things about Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee's office, I decided it was time. For my 5 year olds first visit, the front desk greeted us and made her feel at ease by telling her they had heard all about her from her grandma (who they had seen the week before) an..."

"Dr. Chan is by far the best dentist I've ever had. He is extremely meticulous and will not impose on any unnecessary treatments. He is also extremely patient and makes sure I understand ahead of time before he starts his procedure. I've had very horrible experiences in the past, so I do consider ..."

"All the staff is very friendly and helpful. They are really easy to talk to, very important for me because English is not my first language."

"Great service and a great dental team to work with. My whole family has joe switched over to Balentine Plaza Dental cafe."

"Have been coming here for a couple years- excellent service!  Dr. and staff very proactive in helping to prevent dental problems and maintain teeth."

"Great service, good advice. Went for cleaning and check up, will definitely be coming again"

"I have been seeing Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee for the past several years and he's been the best dentist I have ever had. His team is also amazing. From the front desk, dental hygienists, and office manager. He's very knowledgeable, super nice, and takes care of all of his patients. When the time came f..."

"Spoke to a few places when looking for a new dentist and am so thankful I discovered such a great place so close to home (do not let the foodmax shopping center deter you)! I was first impressed just by the conversation and types of questions they asked me in the initial phone call compared to ot..."

"Everyone at Balentine Plaza Dental Care greets you with a smile and are the nicest people. I have gone here now for a year and it has been nothing but a pleasure. I would recommend Balentine to everyone! My last dentist what a family friend and I can say that Balentine has been just as great!"

"Got in and out of my appointment fast! :D I hate having to wait at my previous dentists when I've already scheduled an appointment. Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee and staff are very professional and honest. They're there for your better oral health and not for the money. The office is very tidy and clean a..."

"I think no one likes to go to the dentist, but it's one of things we all gotta do. Dr. Chen and his staff are extremely friendly. They make sure you would feel comfortable from the minute you enter the door until the the minute you exit the office. Dr. Chen takes the time to explain everything. ..."

"Root canal complete. Efficient, friendly, and thoughtful service. Never waited more than 5 minutes. Greeted by name with a smile. Spoken to like a good friend by everyone. Empathetic to my work schedule. Clean & organized.Standouts:1. Thoughtful in numbing agent choice so I can head to work and n..."

"Fantastic and friendly service from everyone, very thorough in explaining the procedures for first-timers to their clinic and lots of care is provided to improve the health of your teeth. If you have questions, they have the answers. :)"

"Fantastic and friendly service from everyone, very thorough in explaining the procedures for first-timers to their clinic and lots of care is provided to improve the health of your teeth. If you have questions, they have the answers. :)I highly recommend Balentine Plaza Dental Care!"

"Great experience for the entire family. Good old fashion practice combined with the latest technology. Excellent customer service, great staff, great doctor. My 4 year old even wanted to go back the following day for more fun at the dentist."

"Nice place in Fremont area. Merissa is great my hygienist. Good and friendly people. Getting an appointment is not easy, as are really busy. But they work closely to accommodate cancelled requests."

"Always a good experience with this place.The hygienists are always friendly, the actual dentist visit is no longer than it needs to be. TVs, magazines, and coffee for those who want the extra mile in an office.I asked about a mouth guard because of my grinding and they mentioned it may be TMJ and..."

"They're really nice!!! They still use scary dentist tools, but they're real gentle about it. My first visit involved us talking about Chinatown pastries, which kinda disproves the theory that dentists are demons and that Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee has a life and soul outside of his work. It's quite ref..."

"Friendly staffs, professional Dentist, no wait time. 5 Star!"

"I don't think anybody likes going to the dentist, but the staff at Balentine Plaza Dental Care make it almost bearable.Ever since I was a kid I've always hated going to the dentist. Partly because I had a jacked up grill, but mostly because my first dentist was a real jerk! I remember him telling..."

"For my experience to 'Balentine Plaza Dental Care' it was great. All the staffs nice, friendly, well-informed, and helpful as well. I would highly recommend to this dentist place!"

"I've been coming to Balentine Plaza Dental Care for a few years now for cleans, check ups and *gulp* a cavity filling! There are a lot of dentists around the place and it can be hard to determine who's good, and who's not. So I'll give you a quick run down of my experience. 1) Scheduling They are..."

"I've always hated the dentist. Between the uncomfortable feeling of someone digging in my mouth and the aweful noises of the tools, I try to prolong my visits as much as I can.. That was, until I found this place! Not only are all the staff members friendly and sweet, but they do a great job clea..."

"The whole gang at Balentine Plaza Dental are definitely 5Star quality. Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee is professional, very gentle with his procedures, and compassionate to the needs of his patients. My family and I are very happy and most importantly the feeling of ease and calm I feel during treatments. ..."

"Amazing dentist and great team! It is often very hard to find the right doctor or dentist, especially on a trust basis. But Balentine Plaza Dental Care goes above and beyond, and I would trust Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee with my dental life. He explains everything patiently and shows the evidence right ..."

"Recently moved to the Newark area and needed a new dentist. Requested an appointment online and Crystal called to confirm the appointment promptly. Everything went very smoothly from X-rays to scaling to cleaning to polishing. Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee and his stuff are extremely friendly and really g..."

"I am very happy with their service. All of them are very professional and truly cares about my well being. Marissa was thorough with her explanation. She did a great job with my teeth cleaning. She provided my condition very clearly with Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee. I was in excellent care this afternoo..."

"I checked in on 6/29/17. Very nice and friendly staff. Marrisa was responsible to take picture and cleaning. She was explaining each step of the process nicely. She did my cleaning softly snd gentle. After that Dr Kevin talked to me about next steps. He is also really nice and friendly.I recommen..."

"I've been coming to Balentine Plaza Dental Care for a few years now for cleans, check ups and *gulp* a cavity filling! There are a lot of dentists around the place and it can be hard to determine who's good, and who's not.So I'll give you a quick run down of my experience.1) SchedulingThey are ve..."

"I was back and forth with other dentist near the area. Some of them weren't professional and legit telling my they will call me in a week and haven't taken any information from me or just told me to come in at a certain time. Be careful with these fakes . >_< Had a final choice on choosin..."

"I am so happy that I found Balentine Plaza Dental Care! I have moved from LA area to Fremont and was looking for a great dentist to take care of my 2 crowns, some fillings, routine checkups and other dental work. I have already gotten 2 crowns done and 2 cleanings and some fillings and I am very ..."

"Very happy are very friendly recommend"

"Most recommended dental care in the bay area! All are very friendly and really takes care of me and my husband. Even though my Birthday was 3 weeks ago. They manage give me a Birthday card and a giftcard to enjoy! Very thoughtful staff! We love these guys!"

"This is so far the best dentist office I've been to, for them being both professional and heart warming. I found this office last month because my crown all of a sudden fell off when I was chewing a gummy candy, and I was in panic mode to look for help. It happened at 9pm, I found Dr. Chan and Dr..."

"Thanks Dr. Kevin ! I highly recommend this dental care ."

"Very courteous staff! Everything is explained in detail before the procedure. Extra care is taken for patient discomfort. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.  My kids (5 and 3) also love coming here.  The staff is very kid friendly!  Extra care and lots of patience is shown when my ..."

"Update: super kid friendly. We brought in our 2yo for his first dental check and he was given a very SMOOTH break in into what means going to the dentist. "Dr. Kevin is cool""

"I am so happy that I found Balentine Plaza Dental Care! I have moved from LA area to Fremont and was looking for a great dentist to take care of my 2 crowns, some fillings, routine checkups and other dental work. I have already gotten 2 crowns done and 2 cleanings and some fillings and I am very ..."

"I am really glad I was introduced to this dentist clinic! Not only are they friendly, they are always on top of scheduling; they don't try to sell you bogus procedures you don't need; Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee does a fantastic job at explaining to you what he sees and what you need to do to keep your ..."

"This was my first visit to this office and I'll be coming back again! I've visited so many dental practices my whole life (thanks to all the candies I ate when I was young) and this is definitely one that I will use as my family dentist. The front desk staff is so nice and helpful! They even have..."

"All the staff were friendly. They make sure they explain every step they do to me. Clinic was clean and neat. I would highly recommend this place."

"Moved to Newark a couple of weeks ago and found Balentine Plaza Dental Care on yelp. I'm a big fan of Yelp and always say "yelp doesn't lie." The 5 stars they have is well deserved!The staff were super friendly and helpful. They had automated text messages to remind me of my appointment - which i..."

"Wonderful team who goes the extra mile to make sure you and your teeth are getting the best care possible."

"Thoroughly impressed with my experience at this dental office.  While availability was a problem when scheduling an appointment on-line, it was very simple to do because you get to see exactly when Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee is available.  After scheduling an appointment, I received a call from the off..."

"I haven't been to the dentist in over half a year. I stayed up last night playing out different scenarios the dentist and his assistant can torture me, most of it involving accidentally dropping things down my throat and the horrible water drill.All of the five-star dentists I've ever been throug..."

"I was back and forth with other dentist near the area. Some of them weren't professional and legit, telling me they will call me in a week and haven't taken any information from me or just told me to come in at a certain time. Be careful with these fakes . one had no reviews and the other one rev..."

"I havent been to the dentist in forever so was unsure how this would work. Submitted a request for an appointment online. Got a reply from Trish within 30 minutes! I filled out their intake form and emailed it back. Set appointment and then saw them a couple days later. Super easy! Office is real..."

"Friendly and professional staff. Had a cleaning and checkup and was extremely pleased with the experience. Dentist provided detailed explanation of all the problem areas via photos and I felt super comfortable having my 2 year old being examined by him. I highly recommend if you're looking for a ..."

"My son and I have been going here for at least 4 years and couldn't be happier. Our Dental Hygienist Stephanie is a superstar. Her level of professionalism and warm, down-to-earth personality make for a great experience every time. I look forward to getting my teeth cleaned. It's a blessing to bu..."

"Stephanie has always done great work! She's very gentle, thorough, informative, and always has an answer for every question I have for my cleaning and teeth/gum care. She gives me feed back on my brushing and gum care from my last visit to my current which helps me..."huge", and she always gives ..."

"This is the first time I've ever left a dentist office thinking, "Yay, I'm going back there!"  The entire process went by super smoothly and each person I encountered was incredibly genuine and friendly. Crystal at the front desk was great to work with leading up to the appointment. After the app..."

"Friendly staff. Great facilities. Geared towards customer service and providing the patient with a comfortable experience. They also go into detail with their explanations and explain the reasoning. Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee is great at what he does and I highly recommend his practice."

"I've had my yelp account for a while, but I've always been a lurker as opposed to a reviewer. I did not expect my first review would, of all things, be for a dentist. However, Dr. Chan and Dr. Leedeserves my first review because of the excellent way he handled the tooth emergency I had last week...."

"Going to a dental office is something that I don't look forward to. And finding a good dentist seems so difficult. Having multiple teeth fixed by different dentists over the years (my family had to move multiple times), I know it's necessary to make sure I can trust my dentist and the staff membe..."

"Great experience, with a very professional atmosphere. It shows how much they care about their patients when they treat them in a nice and professional manner. Everything went smoothly and Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee showed me where my cavities were after taking pictures of them and showing to me on a m..."

"I will preface this by letting everyone know that I haven't gone to the dentist for YEARS (...yes, yes, I know.... I have quite the dirty mouth :P)I was never scared of going to the dentist or having my teeth cleaned but it was always difficult to have stable dental insurance for me. So when I fi..."

"Now that there is a 85 Degrees Bakery in Newark... you teeth might be looking for a friend to get them through the times. I am not a huge fan of going to the dentist but this place will definitely give you personable and outstanding service! Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee and his staff will take care of yo..."

"This review is for Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee, who took over this dental office from Dr. Mercado earlier this year (Dr. Mercado, who seems to have gotten so-so reviews below, is no longer at this dental office, so don't worry about that).  Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee has made going to the dentist an extremely..."

"This is the first dentist that I have been to that offers complete and thorough dental care.  I was tired of dentists that did not fully explain what was wrong with my teeth or what I needed to do.  Dr. Chan and Dr. Leedid a thorough cleaning on me that did not hurt one bit.  Then he explained wh..."

"If you live in the San Jose area and are looking for a dentist, it doesn't get much better than Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee. He's easy going, very conservative in his treatment, has a light touch and 100% pain free. See for yourself and book an appointment for a checkup!"

"Had the most amazing cleaning with the Dental Hygienist.  And the staff were amazing and very professional.  You have to check them out :-)"

"Awesome service and such a friendly staff! I had to go in for a mouth guard and fillings and it was painless and quick. The staff all know what they're doing and Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee is a very friendly person. My appointments were on time and the service was quick and efficient. Definitely a grea..."

"I have put off my visit to the dentist for three years only because I am petrified of going to the dentist because my teeth are so very sensitive . I finally give in and HAVE to find someone. After searching for a dentist and looking at reviews for a few weeks I finally picked Dr Mercado in Balen..."

"Dr. Mercado and her staff are amazing!  Have been coming to them for years now and have no complaints at all.  They are highly professional and are all about the well being of their patients.  They don't have the fancy TVs on their ceilings or the high end furniture but their office is neatly org..."

"I've used a few other dentists before. But this is the best family dental care I have used in Bay Area! I wish I have found it earlier.  Dr. Teresa Mercado is excellent, very professional, genuinely cares about the patients. She has done two major treatments for me, the experience was so smooth. ..."

"Clean. Professional. Courteous. Friendly. Great communication.  Balentine Plaza Dental Care is a dental office you can trust.  Most importantly, the entire staff will treat you like family. Highly recommended!!"

"Dr. Mercado and her staff provide truly exceptional care.  They are happy to explain procedures and prices clearly, and schedule treatment within my budget without pressure.  The treatment is high quality, and they are always very considerate.  I used to get cold sweats in a dental office, but no..."

"I am new to the area and was in need of a new dentist. I was brought in by a referral. At first the place was hard to find due to their location in the plaza, but they definitely are a jem to be found! After my visit I felt very comfortable with their work. They are very informative and thorough...."

"Looking to pamper yourself while receiving the ultimate dental experience? Go to Dr. Mercado. She can sense how you're feeling and adapts accordingly. In my case, I HATE getting my teeth worked on but, she offered me therapeutic practices that would treat and prevent my anxiety (i.e. meds, music,..."

"I also disagree with the negative review, I'm impressed that a small businesswoman like Dr. Mercado is willing to reinvest in her practice to provide the technology to provide the best care. There are always 2 sides to a story, but my experince with Dr. Nercado is that she is very professional, ..."

"My husband, 7-year old daughter, and I (and soon our 2-year old) all go to Dr. Mercado for our dental care and she is wonderful!!  For years I had been been going to Poindexter, Barr, and Chang in Union City and didn't know what I was missing - professional, personalized and comprehensive service..."


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