Dental Crowns In Newark CA

Dental Crowns In Newark CA

Dental Crowns are ceramic appliances that are also referred to as ‘dental caps’. They are called so because they cover the entire surface of a tooth and provide an aesthetic makeover as well as a functional upgrade. Crowns are highly preferred by dentists to restore teeth that are broken, chipped, cracked, worn out, badly discolored, etc.

What are the uses of crowns?

Crowns can be used to treat several dental issues, both aesthetic and functional. Some of them are as follows:

  • Chipped teeth:Teeth may suffer damage when you sustain a hard blow to the mouth. In such cases, the teeth may lose a certain edge due to chipping, making them look deformed. Such teeth can be restored back to their ideal shape using crowns. The same applies to misshapen teeth (naturally out of shape teeth).
  • Broken/cracked teeth: A broken tooth could allow the entry of bacteria into the pulp of the tooth. Also, it can be highly painful and if left untreated, the crack could progress further and lead to tooth failure. Using a crown, the cracked tooth can be brought back to its original condition, thereby saving the tooth.
  • Discolored teeth: Teeth whitening using a special dental whitening gel is usually recommended by us to whiten stained teeth. But, when the level of staining is too severe or when the tooth doesn’t respond to the treatment, a crown can be used to cover the tooth and provide it the required aesthetic change.
  • Worn out teeth: Bruxism, or simply known as ‘Teeth grinding’, is mainly responsible for the wear of teeth. The outer enamel mostly wears off in such cases and the teeth look shorter than they should be. We would restore such teeth using crowns, bringing them back to their ideal appearance.
  • Excessively spaced teeth: Teeth that are spaced too far apart from each other would ruin the appearance of the smile. The condition is called spacing and the excessive gap between adjacent teeth can be eliminated using crowns.

Why should you choose crowns?

Crowns are highly durable and tough. They are made from dental-grade ceramic that is highly wear-resistant and wouldn’t crack easily. They can be used to treat several oral issues. They not only bring about a change in the aesthetics of the smile but the functionality as well. This is why dentists prefer them for procedures that would be the last resort method to save a badly damaged tooth.

Crowns can be made to match the exact color and contour of the remaining teeth to make it look as natural as possible. Anyone who looks at you smile wouldn’t even have the faintest idea that you have a restoration on.

They are long-lasting. With proper care, they would easily last for several years. Also, they wouldn’t stain much, making them look as good as new for a long time.


The dentist would carry out a visual examination, looking for cavities, damaged teeth, gum infections, etc. Scans and x-rays may also be required to get a better digital image. A mold of the teeth will be taken and sent to a dental laboratory to serve as a reference for fabricating the dental crown. It will be made from high quality dental-grade ceramic material, giving it the amazing properties that it possesses.

After a couple of weeks, the crown will be fabricated and ready to bond to the tooth. The tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and etched using an etching solution. Dental adhesives will be used to bond it firmly. The bite and comfort will be checked and the crown will be polished.

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