Dental Implants In Newark CA

Dental Implants In Newark CA

Dental implants are the most sought-after tooth restorations used to replace an entire tooth. They are composed of a metal stud (mostly Titanium) and a ceramic crown that replaces the root and the tooth respectively. Together, they offer a highly stable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing restoration that would last several years without hassle.

Why should you get missing teeth replaced?

Many people with missing teeth consider restoring them not so important. But, there are several drawbacks that they could lead to which can cause further complications. Here are some of them:

  • Missing teeth can cause malocclusion. The gap left by a missing tooth allows the adjoining teeth to drift from their positions. This can alter the facial shape and bite as well.
  • A lost tooth can hinder the functionality of the mouth. You wouldn’t be able to bite and chew food like you used to before. This is because excessive pressure will be applied on the teeth adjacent to the gap, which can make you feel uncomfortable. Also, phonetics will be affected.
  • Perhaps, the biggest disadvantage of a missing tooth is the fact that it can be quite embarrassing. When you socialize with people during gatherings, pose for pictures, or have to make a presentation at work, the missing tooth would always be on your mind, making you feel too conscious. Your self-confidence would certainly hinder due to this.

Why is an implant your best option?

Most dentists from around the world consider a dental implant as the best option to replace a missing tooth. Here’s why:

  • Implants are, by far, the strongest tooth replacement solution. They are made from Titanium studs that act as the root of the tooth, providing it the required anchorage. The ceramic material used to fabricate the crown is of dental-grade, which doesn’t allow it to break or snap off easily.
  • Implants offer amazing durability and longevity. They wouldn’t wear much even on biting and chewing hard and chewy foods. With proper care, they would easily last for several years.
  • Implants look exactly like real teeth. The ceramic material used to fabricate them can be made to match any shade of the enamel, allowing the dentist to make the prosthetic tooth look exactly like your other teeth. Moreover, the ceramic crown is stain-resistant and would look as good as new for several years.
  • The functionality of the mouth will be restored to normal. With an implant, you would be able to bite and chew food like you used to before.

Treatment procedure

The treatment procedure would involve an initial visual screening. The dentist would carefully check for infections, drifting of teeth, spacing available for the implant, and other factors that could affect the implant procedure. Panoramic x-rays and scans will also be taken. The data will be sent to a dental laboratory for fabricating the crown.

During the implant surgery, local anesthesia will be given to numb the teeth, gums, and jawbone. A slit will be made on the gums to expose the bone underneath. High precision dental instruments will be used to make a small hole in the jawbone where the implant stud will be screwed into place. It will be allowed to heal for a period of a few months during which the bone would adhere to the implant.

During the next surgery, the crown will be fixed on the metal stud by means of an abutment. Dental adhesives are used to firmly hold it in place. Finally, the bite will be checked to make sure the implant is fitting comfortably and the crown may be polished to bring about any aesthetic changes if required.

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